Intra & Inter School Tournaments

At Pro-Coaching we understand the importance of school children taking part in Level 1 Intra-school and Level 2 inter-school tournaments and competitions.

Playing in tournaments improves the Math skills in children. It develops leadership qualities and fosters a team spirit in them. Sports involve competition; they involve winning and losing. This exposes the players to both the aspects of life, successes and failures. It builds a competitive spirit in children and teaches them to be participative irrespective of whether the participation concludes in a victory or a defeat. Playing in tournaments teaches a person to accept both successes and failures in a positive spirit. The most important benefit of playing in tournaments is the sportsman spirit. Playing sports results in the development of a sportive nature, which is helpful throughout one’s life. 

It is very beneficial for the development of social skills in a person. It teaches a person to interact with people, act as a team. They foster collective thinking and develop planning skills in children. It builds confidence in children and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Sports as a whole thus play a vital role in one's social well-being.

We can organise and implement intra and inter school tournaments or leagues using the school games formats in a flexible model that will suit all schools.  We organise everything including the administration, officials, venues and presentations.

Our excellent venues are safe, fun, and positive environments for children, parents and teachers.

If your school or cluster would like to find out more then please contact us and we can organise a meeting with one of our schools service managers.