What We Do

Welcome to Pro-Coaching, where we're all about creating memorable experiences through a dynamic blend of sports, creativity, and enrichment! Here's a glimpse into what we do:

HAF Multi-Activity Camps:

For a summer of joy and nourishment, join our HAF Multi-Activity Camps. With sports, crafts, and enriching activities, these camps are designed to keep the excitement high and bellies full. And yes, it includes a free space and a delicious lunch!

Multi-Sports Camps:

Dive into the excitement with our Multi-Sports Camps! From the thrill of tag rugby and football to the strategic maneuvers of dodgeball, we've got a mix that keeps kids engaged, active, and having an absolute blast.

Sport-Specific Camps:
For those looking to master their favorite sports, our Sport-Specific Camps are a game-changer. Whether it's perfecting your serve in tennis, scoring goals in football, or mastering the art of athletics, we've got a camp for every sports enthusiast. These camps are open for all abilities.

PPA and Wrap Around Care:
Our PPA sessions are designed to enhance physical fitness and foster a love for sports in school settings. With our Wrap Around Care sessions, schools can customise their programme to meet the needs of staff, children and parents. Get In touch with a member of our friendly team to enquire now. 

Fun-Fueled Birthday Parties:
Celebrate the special day with a Pro-Coaching twist! Our birthday parties bring a mix of sports, games, and laughter to your chosen venue, ensuring a celebration that's as unique as your child. Prices can be given upon request, contact us now to find out more. 

At Pro-Coaching, we're not just about sports; we're about creating lasting memories, fostering a love for activity, and making every experience a winning one. Join us on this journey where every child can play, learn, and grow!