Company Background

Established in 2001 by Justin Burke, Pro-Coaching is the brainchild of a sports enthusiast with a genuine love for working with children. Armed with a degree in Leisure and Sports Management and a P.G.C.E. in Physical Education, Justin's passion and business acumen led to the creation of this successful sports coaching company.

Since 2012, Pro-Coaching has experienced significant growth, boasting a team of highly qualified Area Managers. These professionals play a crucial role in overseeing our diverse programs, including P.P.A, Clubs, and Holiday Courses, which are meticulously delivered across the UK.

At Pro-Coaching, our commitment to excellence in sports education is not only reflected in the quality of our programs but also in the professionalism and dedication of our team. Join us in the journey of fostering athletic development and educational enrichment. Choose Pro-Coaching for a holistic and enriching sports experience for your child.