Use Childcare Vouchers

Pro-coaching accepts childcare vouchers from a wide range of providers. These can be used to pay for part or all of any of our courses.

Please complete the form below to redeem a voucher - all we ask is that you provide a little information so that we can allocate your code.

Your voucher code will be emailed to the address provided on the form; once you have your code, this can be used on the booking form for any of our courses - please enter it into the 'Voucher Code' field towards the bottom of the booking form.

Our account ID numbers are below.

In order for us to process your childcare vouchers quickly and easily, please make sure you use your name as the reference code.

We suggest that you leave enough time in order for us to process your tax free childcare or childcare vouchers.

At present the following venues can only use childcare vouchers; King's Hall, Taunton, The Downs School, Wraxall, Taunton Vale Sports Club and Perrott Hill.

If either the childcare voucher provider is not listed below or you would like to register your interest in using childcare vouchers for another venue, please contact us at We are Ofsted registered and are able to register with all childcare voucher providers in England.

Tax-Free Childcare

Pro-coaching Ltd at Taunton Vale Sports Club, TA2 6LL. Setting Reference Number: 2697588

Pro-coaching Ltd at The Downs School, BS48 1PF. Setting Reference Number: 2697590

Pro-coaching Ltd at Perrott Hill, TA18 7SL . Setting Reference Number: 2697589

Pro-coaching Ltd at Norton Sub Hambdon Primary School, TA14 6SF . Setting Reference Number: 2752933

Childcare Vouchers (New Registration ends Oct 2018)

Childcare Voucher Provider ID/Account Number
Apple Search 'Pro-coaching'
Bravo Benefits
Care-4 21158513
Computershare (Formerly Busy Bees) The Downs School - 0021846291
COOP 85121705
Pro-coaching Ltd at Taunton Vale Sports Club, TA2 6LL P Number: P21335050
Pro-coaching Ltd at The Downs School, BS48 1PF P Number: P21335076
Pro-coaching Ltd at Perrott Hill, TA18 7SL P Number: P21335068
Faircare Quote Reference: PROC0615 and Postcode: TA1 9AT
Fideliti PRO019C
Kiddivouchers Pro-coaching uk at Perrott Hill Search EY494043
The Downs School - 839564 / King's Hall - 839859/ Perrott Hill - 846246
Pro-coaching uk at King's Hall Search EY490140
RG Childcare Vouchers The Downs School - 08726970598 / King's Hall - 11116781111
Enjoy benefitssearch Pro coaching or TA1 9AT