Customer Service

Service Questions, Issues & Concerns

We try our hardest to make sure that all of our Customers, both parents and children, have an enjoyable learning experience on all Pro-Coaching courses, but we are realistic enough to acknowledge that things can - hopefully only very occasionally - go wrong.

We are here to help if they do - so please talk to us. There is nearly always something we can do to make things better...providing we know about any issues in the first place. Whilst we cannot guarantee that every single thing will go off without a hitch on absolutely every course, we can guarantee that it will not have gone wrong intentionally and equally, that we will do everything in out power to put it right.

So, if you have any questions, concerns, issues or complaints about any aspect of the services offered by Pro-Coaching please contact us at We would prefer that the initial contact with Customer Services be made in writing as we feel that this offers a better, more auditable, more dispassionate route through which to capture questions and concerns. Rest assured, however, that every contact raised will be followed up in person, normally by telephone.

Website Feedback

We have put a great deal of time and effort into redesigning the Pro-Coaching website and we are very pleased with the result...but it's not our opinion that counts - please tell us what YOU think!

We would like to make the site even better - quicker and more user-friendly - wherever possible, but we can only do so with your help. If there is something that really gets your goat, niggles or just generally ruins the experience for you, please tell us about it.

Similarly, if there is a feature or a service that you would like to see offered through the website, tell us about that too. Obviously we can't guarantee that we will be able to do everything that everyone wants, but we will give it serious consideration.

Please send any and all feedback on site-related matters to