• “My children enjoy going to holiday camp, they have been to a lot of the previous camps during the holidays and they always look forward to future courses. They have fun and enjoy seeing friends from their school who also attend and settle in well with the friendly staff”
  • “My children really enjoy their time at sports camp, they love the variety of the games and they get active and have lots of fun”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed experience, nice to get her active and understand need of exercise”
  • “They loved it so much and couldn’t there early enough the next day”
  • “My children enjoy these camps and the tutors are always helpful and caring”
  • “My son Matthew enjoyed every day and looked forward to the next day”
  • “It was brilliant; she really enjoyed it and wished it lasted longer”
  • “My Sons absolutely love the football course, the staff are helpful and friendly and  they want to go each time it’s on”.
  • “Both my daughters have really enjoyed this week and had great fun. They have both got up early every morning and have said that they would like it to last another week”

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